How to Hack your System i

KRYPSYS will be presenting on iSeries security at International Power 2013 on 24th September at Bletchley Park

How to hack your system i

Hacking and information theft are now big business. The major threat to your systems and data is no longer from teenage amateurs. Organised, professional cyber criminals want to access your systems and data in order steal your money and use your servers as a platform for attacks on other organisations.
The IBM iSeries is, justifiably,  regarded as one of the most secure servers on the market. This may be true, but only if security is planned for and the system correctly configured. The presentation will highlight some issues, old and new, that the iSeries community still need to be aware of. It will also demonstrate that in an interconnected world, the iSeries may only be as secure as the weakest link link in the network. The following topics will be address

•    Attacking iSeries Directly
o   Foot printing and Enumerating iSeries
o   Unauthorised Access
o   Escalation of Privileges
o   Remote Access
o   Attacking Terminal Emulations
•    Attacking from the Web
o   Live Web Hacking Demonstration

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