API Security

Modern application architectures mean that the security of your API endpoints is increasingly important. Whether they’re RESTful interfaces, JSON/XML communication protocols, or the agility of GraphQL APIs, our service is finely tuned to evaluate the security these critical links.

Your digital infrastructure relies on the confidence you have in the security of your APIs. Our API Security Testing Service aims to provide peace of mind and to help you identify where defenses can be improved, ensuring protection of your digital assets.

API Security Testing Services

If you are committed to safeguarding customer and company data and are responsible for shielding systems from malicious attackers, the need to regularly test entry points is clear. The effectiveness of your existing security framework must undergo thorough assessment in light of the mounting array of threats and vulnerabilities. This is where our API Security Testing Service comes to the fore, guiding you toward improved security measures and effective risk mitigation.

discrete professional penetration testing

Discrete / Professional

We will sign a non-disclosure agreement with an executive sponsor in your company so all information identified or discussed remains confidential. Once the test has been performed we will provide a report on the findings and brief you on-site on how these weaknesses can be eradicated. Our consultants are CISSP certified and as such are well versed in not just your technical security infrastructure but how this interfaces into your policies, procedures and data security requirements.

Need Help With Penetration Testing?

Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion for help with establishing you security testing requirements.