Security Assessment

The growth of laptop, tablet and smartphone use has seen the number of wireless networks supporting this technology explode along with the functionality it delivers. It can be used to give customers, visiting business partners and employees the freedom to work anywhere they like and still have access to all the corporate resources they would normally enjoy in the office.

But freedom usually comes at a price.

Why Conduct a Wireless Security Assessment?

The nature of wireless is to give people increased freedom, it also increases the risk of compromise via unauthorised access. Someone sitting in your car park or in the next office building could be accessing your company resources and extracting valuable information without even needing to enter your building. They could for instance be using an unsecured entry point at a remote office location to access the HR system in your main datacenter.

To ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of key business systems, your wireless systems should be subject to the same testing regime as your wired networks. Wireless testing will help to ensure that segregation, authentication and encryption have been deployed correctly and that the methods used are robust and sufficient for your needs.


The KRYPSYS Approach

We offer wireless assessments that are tailor made to your requirements. We work diligently to keep our methods up to date with industry trends and threats. Once the assessment has been completed we will send you a report on the findings and the next steps. This will ensure any discoveries are explained and remediation steps outlined.

Need Help With Planning a Wireless Security Assessment?

Our Security Consultants can work with you to determine a scope of work and testing methodology which works for you, to ensure a rigorous wireless security assessment is carried out.

Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion for help with establishing you security testing requirements.