As the number of applications and services your company provides grows and your use of the Internet increases it can be difficult to understand your companies entry points and more importantly any weaknesses in them.

Anybody who wants to protect customer and company data, or who needs to ensure their systems are protected from malicious hackers will need to assess how well their current security infrastructure is coping with the increasing number of threats and exposures.

Penetration Testing Services

A penetration test is designed to specifically target your company’s infrastructure and identify your key assets and the protection they are provided. It begins by profiling your systems and looking for weaknesses or oversights that can be exploited and then using this information to penetrate further into your network. Once the initial identification stage has been completed we can test your most critical systems as either trusted or untrusted users. We use all known vulnerabilities to baseline your security posture.

Typical targets include but are not limited to:

– E-Mail servers
– Research and Development systems
– Database servers and storage
– Websites and E-commerce systems
– Remote entry points
– Trusted systems (Including your security systems)

discrete professional penetration testing

Discrete / Professional

We will sign a non-disclosure agreement with an executive sponsor in your company so all information identified or discussed remains confidential. Once the test has been performed we will provide a report on the findings and brief you on-site on how these weaknesses can be eradicated. Our consultants are CISSP certified and as such are well versed in not just your technical security infrastructure but how this interfaces into your policies, procedures and data security requirements.

Need Help With Penetration Testing?

Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion for help with establishing you security testing requirements.