Remote Access
Security Assessment

With remote working now a business reality, it is more important than ever to know how secure your network is against external threats.

Penetration testing services from KRYPSYS will help to identify vulnerabilities that put your infrastructure and data at risk, enabling you to implemenmt the controls necessary to ensure it is secure.

  • Common issues with remote access include: –
  • Inadequate and insecure authentication.
  • Weak default configurations.
  • Outdated and vulnerable software.
  • Overpermissive access policies.
  • Insufficient client compliance checks.

Why Conduct a Remote Access Security Assessment?

A Remote Access Security Assessment evaluates the security of the systems and methods which your organisation uses to provide remote network access for staff when they are working away from the office.

There are a range of remote access solutions in common use, such as Virtual Private Network (VPN), Citrix Virtual Desktop, Remote Desktop Web Client and many others.

Because these solutions are intended to be remotely accessible, they are also accessible by malicious attackers seeking to acquire access to your organisation’s systems, services and data.

  • A remote access security test aims to assess the security of these solutions with respect to a number of different attack vectors. The assessment is carried out from both an unauthenticated and authenticated perspective to mimic a range of possible threat scenarios and actors.
  • An unauthenticated assessment can help to assess the likelihood of attackers gaining access to the service, whereas the authenticated assessment will reveal the risks associated with an insider attack or credential theft.
  • The assessment will also highlight the risks of a successful attacker delving deeper into your organisations network and potentially targeting internal resources and services for additional vulnerabilities and attacks.
discrete professional penetration testing

The KRYPSYS Approach

Our Experienced Penetration Testers use a range of advanced automated tools and manual exploitation techniques to identify vulnerabilities, together with their corresponding risk levels, within your remote access solutions.

Our detailed reports provide a thorough assessment of each vulnerability as well as technical and non-technical descriptions including evidence of exploitation. We include remediation steps with each discovered vulnerability to help you resolve each issue in a timely fashion.

Key Benefits

  • Assurance around the security posture of your remote access solutions.
  • Protect your information and IT assets.
  • Make tangible improvements to the secure implementation of your remote access solution via specialist support, advice and consultancy.
  • Adhere to regulatory requirements that require Remote Access Penetration Testing to be performed.
  • Gain access to specialist penetration testers who use the latest tools and techniques to accurately assess and identify emerging threats.

Further Questions

Q: What is the difference between a regular External Assessment and a Remote Access Assessment?

An External Security Assessment is designed to evaluate every system and service which you have exposed to the internet and assess the security from an unauthenticated perspective.

Remote Access Testing is a more targeted evaluation typically conducted from both an unauthenticated and authenticated perspective to determine access methods and privilege escalation methods which an attacker may exploit.

Q: Why do I need a Remote Access Assessment?

If your organisation uses a Remote Access solution, it can come under attack from a range of automated and targeted attacks. To ensure your systems are safe against these threats a Penetration test can help you to identify any issues which may be exploited by malicious attackers, so they can be fixed in advance.

Q: What Remote Access Solutions can I have tested?

KRYPSYS Security Consultants have many years’ experience testing a wide variety of systems and remote access solutions and there are a number of security tests and best practice guidelines which can be applied to any solution which has been implemented.

Need Help With Planning a Remote Access Assessment?

Our Security Consultants can work with you to determine a scope of work and testing methodology which works for you, to ensure a rigorous assessment is carried out.

Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion for help with establishing you security testing requirements.