Mobile Application
Security Assessment


Mobile Application Security Testing service provides a detailed security analysis of your phone or tablet based app and the associated backend APIs. Tailored, manual testing by experienced security professionals, typically uncovers many more issues than automated tests alone.

When securing mobile application services over the internet, it is important to implement security at both ends. Developing a highly secure app is only half the battle. You also need to ensure there are no security holes in the servers that store and process customer data. Conversely, even if your servers are completely secure, an insecure app could allow customer data to be retrieved or redirected to a remote attacker. A KRYPSYS security assessment will look at both aspects. 

Why Conduct a Mobile App Security Assessment?


Identify and Fix Security Risks

Mobile application security testing provides a complete assessment of your mobile application helping identify security risks within your mobile applications. Clear remediation instructions are provided helping you to understand the issues and secure your mobile applications.


Protect your Users

Identify Mobile App Security issues that may endanger your users, expose sensitive information and damage company reputation.

Which Mobile Platforms can be Tested

KRYPSYS provides mobile app security testing for the following mobile platforms and associated backend APIs:

  • iOS Security Testing
  • Android Security Testing
  • Windows Mobile

A compromised mobile application could lead to a breach of commercial and regulatory obligations, leading to lost profits, fines and a damaged reputation for trading securely. Most compliance requirements today stipulate that web and mobile infrastructures should be assessed and protected as they are susceptible to a variety of attacks that will lead to data extrusion and compromised web services.

penetration testing cycle

The KRYPSYS Approach

We offer mobile application security assessments for all types of mobile apps and associated backend APIs. Our methods are continuously updated to ensure we test against all known vulnerabilities.

Once the assessment has been completed we will send you a report on the findings and the next steps. This will ensure that any discoveries are explained and the remediation steps outlined.


Our mobile application security testing service comes with free retesting on reported findings, helping reduce the security risk of your mobile application.

Need Help With Planning a Mobile Application Penetration Test?

Our Security Consultants can work with you to determine a scope of work and testing methodology which will ensure a rigorous assessment is carried out.

Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion for help with establishing your mobile security testing requirements.