What is ISO 27001 and why is it so important for organisations?

Generally speaking, most organisations and businesses will have some form of controls in place to manage information security. These controls are necessary as information is one of the most valuable assets that a business owns. However, the effectiveness of such a policy is determined by how well these controls are organised and monitored. Many organisations …

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The world we live in is now driven by the world-wide-web and the resulting speed of change makes it increasingly difficult to manage security at the same time as delivering business requirements. Here at Krypsys, our aim is to take away the headache by providing the right security skills and solutions, on-demand, when and where you need them.

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Why is it important that Information Security Management Systems conform to ISO 27001?

ISO 271001

The majority of organisations will generally now have a number of information security controls in place. However, without a formal Information Security Management System (ISMS), these controls tend to be somewhat disorganized, haphazard and disjointed.

The reason for this is that the controls have often been implemented partly as specific solutions for specific situations, or simply introduced as a matter of convention. Unfortunately, the security controls in operation today typically only address certain aspects of IT or data security, leaving non-IT information assets like paperwork and proprietary knowledge less protected and vulnerable. Sometimes business continuity planning and physical security might be managed independently of IT or information security, whilst Human Resources practices may not recognise the need to define and assign information security roles and responsibilities throughout the organization. The ISO 27001 standard was introduced to address these issues.

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