WEBINAR: Web Browsers – Your New Security Perimeter

Protect On Q – Product Briefing & Demo – 17th July 2:30pm BST

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The increase in web applications, cloud computing, SaaS and BYOD means web browsers have become the common interface for accessing information that drives business activity. Data loss from theft or leaks, denial of service attacks, Man-in-the-Browser attacks – all of the risks involved in delivering information through browsers have led to the development of a wide range of security policies. While data center security solutions and HTTPS protect against compromise on the server side and for in-transit data, the challenge for organisations is that they have little, if any, visibility or control over data delivered via a web browser to the endpoint, which creates significant risks to sensitive information.

End users can print, save, make digital copies or screen-print sensitive information. Hackers and sophisticated malware can compromise web sessions after the data has been decrypted, stealing login credentials as they are entered, transparently redirecting users to hostile sites and mining the session content. User names and passwords from web sessions can remain available in the authentication cache and vulnerable to leakage. Data can also remain in the browser cache in clear text format, where it can be easily extracted by either malware or end users, even after the web session has ended.

Quarri Protect On Q (POQ) is the only browser security solution to defend against both external and internal attacks and prevent unauthorised use and replication of confidential data by enabling organisations to secure and control the browser sessions connecting to web applications and sites. POQ enables organisations to enforce security policies that prevent end users from copying, saving, printing or screen-capturing browser-delivered data. Using patented technology, the POQ hardened browser shields sensitive data from key loggers, frame grabbers, session hijacking, cache miners and other malware, while blocking inbound attacks as well.

POQ is delivered on-the-fly when end users log in, ensuring privacy by encrypting session data and protecting against session hijacking by controlling all browser networking.

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