Walking through Walls, 2013: protecting your business’ IT infrastructure from cyber-intrusion

Krypsys, a leading UK information security company which focuses on the next generation of emerging security threats in the Information and IT security market, is delighted to announce the launch of a series of free events: Walking through Walls 2013 – protecting your business’ IT infrastructure from cyber-intrusion. The Walking through Walls events promise to be of interest to any company or business that takes its information security seriously, and will highlight three common methods of attack used against companies every day somewhere in the world, and demonstrate and discuss the best methods of identifying and countering these threats.

Krypsys has been responsible for helping build the market for several leading technologies and services in the IT security industry including web application security, network securitypenetration testing and data encryption, and has been helping companies defend themselves against the next generation of security threats and educating companies on the risk they are exposed to. Krypsys works with leading IT security vendors and consultancies to close the gap in enterprise and business IT security strategies and to assist in streamlining and prioritising spending, assessments and compliance requirements.

The 2012 Walking through Walls events proved to be so popular that Krypsys has responded to demand and will now run another series of events in summer 2013. The events will be held in both London and Manchester between June and September, 2013. The first event will take place in London Victoria on Wednesday 12 June, and will be followed by subsequent events at Cheadle Royal, Manchester on Wednesday 17 July, London Victoria on Wednesday 11 September and Cheadle Royal on Wednesday 25 September, 2013. As the events are already proving to be popular and as places are strictly limited, it is recommended that anyone wishing to attend any of these events books their places at the earliest available opportunity.

The security of both the critical national infrastructure and business interests is increasingly being threatened by cyber criminals. Terrorists, fraudsters, rogue states and individual activists are among the criminals who have been targeting computer systems in the UK over the last two years. Companies are having their research and confidential data stolen or mapped. According to the government 93 percent of large corporations and 76 percent of small businesses had reported a cyber-breach in the past year alone. One business, according to the head of MI5, lost an estimated £800 million in just 12 months. It’s estimated that 70 percent of the cyber- attacks faced by companies are focused predominantly on web applications. Naturally many companies are now taking an active interest in cyber defence, and are looking for proven applications security solutions to protect their valuable information and data.

However, there has been a problem historically: traditional security solutions have focused principally on blocking cyber-attacks by deploying network firewalls. Determined hackers are using increasingly sophisticated methods to attack web infrastructures, so equally sophisticated solutions to cyber-defence have had to be considered. Intrusion deception is one of the innovative solutions: developed by Mykonos, a Juniper Networks security company, the Web Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) is one of the smartest ways to secure websites and web applications against hackers, fraud and theft. The unique approach uses deception to detect, track, profile and prevent attackers in real-time.

At Walking through Walls, 2013, companies will find out why their firewalls may not save them and may not offer the levels of protection businesses need and demand. Walking through Walls will analyse all the latest techniques that are being used to attack websites, intranet, extranet and web applications, and discuss:

  • Web Application Reconnaissance and Information Gathering
  • Vulnerability Mapping
  • Live Exploitation including:
    • Data theft
    • Firewall foolery – why your network firewall alone will not save you
    • Owning the OS, using covert channels
    • Accessing a desktop session on compromised servers
    • Maintaining access and onward attacks
  • Advanced Evasion Techniques.
    • APT or AET Don’t confuse the Motivation with the Method
    • AET the Method
    • How to assess your current protection level
  • Social engineering and technical – The two pronged attack

To sign up for and book your place on any of these free events, please visit www.krypsys.com and complete the online booking form.