Webinar – Lunch With a Pen Tester

Security measures are often designed and implemented from the perspective of the defender i.e. from the inside looking out. From this perspective, 90% secure may look effective. To an attacker or pen tester on the outside looking in, a 10% opportunity would look like an open door.

Attend this lunch-time event and get the attackers perspective from a senior penetration tester and security engineer with more than 15 years experience. Reserve a place on this Webex by using the booking form below. 

Webex scheduled for:-

  • Thur 19th June 2014 | 1:00pm – 1:40pm

See the techniques that are being used to attack your web sites, intranet, extranet and web applications. The session will include a live demonstration of web hacking and technical social engineering techniques.

Find out about:-

  • Attacking Web Applications
    • Reconnaissance and Information Gathering
    • Vulnerability Mapping
    • Live Exploitation inc:-
    • Data theft
    • Firewall foolery – why your network firewall alone will not save you
    • Owning the OS using covert channels
    • Accessing a desktop session on compromised servers
    • Maintaining access and onward attacks
    • Mitigation
  • Social and technical engineering – The two pronged attack
    • The human element – be careful what you click
    • The technical element
    • Mitigation

We are now taking bookings for limited places. To reserve a place please complete the booking form below.

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