WordPress, the most popular blogging system, why do we need intrusion prevention?

What is one of the most popular blogging systems in use on the web? Answer, WordPress. It is used by 14.7% of Alexa Internet’s “top 1 million” websites powering over 60 million internet sites worldwide. Due to this popularity, abjectly this makes WordPress an open target for hackers.

If WordPress is a site you rely on for your business you need to ensure your doing the right things to keep it safe.

Guidelines to keep your WordPress site secure and safe from intrusion:-

    • Ensure you install all updates on WordPress.

      Regular security updates are provided by the creators of WordPress. However they cant help you if you don’t install them. You will receive a notification in your WordPress dashboard when an update is available.

    • Computer security

      With your company you need to guarantee your computers are free of malware, spyware and virus infections. To protect from security vulnerabilities always keep your software, web browser and operating system up to date

    • Keep passwords secure

      The key to a good password is to make it difficult for others to guess and hard for an attack to succeed. There are password generators designed that can be used to create secure passwords.

    • Be careful from where you login

      Both ends of the network needs to be trusted, so the WordPress server side and the client network side. Firewall rules on your home router need to be updated and be careful which networks you work from.
      Not all networks are trusted e.g. an Internet café, or logging onto a WIFI, where you are sending passwords over an unencrypted connection, wireless or otherwise, is not always a trusted network.

    • Make sure your web-server is up-to-date

      You can have vulnerabilities on the web serving running WordPress and the software on it, due to this make sure you are using a trusted host that takes care of things for you. Also make sure you are running stable and secure versions of your web server and the software on it.

    • Check that your web host is aware about security

      Reporting security incidents over to your web hosts abuse department means they are able to measure its actions and performance on incoming abuse complaints.
      If you are on a shared server i.e. one that hosts other websites besides your own, and a website on the same server is compromised, your website can potentially be compromised too.


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