New Check Point Software Offers 100% Malware-Free Emails

Malware hidden within emails can be a severe security risk to many businesses with figures suggesting that up to 84% of businesses downloaded a document containing malware in 2014. This is often contained in the form of an email attachment which the attacker persuades the user to open using social engineering techniques.

When tested, conventional AV software only caught malware in emails at a 93% success rate, with other products boasting slightly higher percentages but a significantly slower performance time.  However, Check Point’s new Threat Extraction software can pre-emptively remove threats, providing 100% malware free documents at sub-one second speeds.

The software scans the document, removing any embedded objects or other exploitable elements of the document. It then rebuilds the document allowing it to still be read and quarantines the extracted content. Threat Extraction also gives the administrator a high level of control over what file types to allow within documents and which users can view various file types, allowing a highly detailed approach to preventing attacks through document attachments.

If you believe your company may be affected by these problems then why not contact Krypsys for cost-effective advice and solutions.

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