Penetration testing: BBC demonstrates hackers can access web-cams

Hackers can actually look at you through your web-cam and listen to what’s going on in your workplace or even meetings. Are you aware of this? Penetration testing or “pen testing” is aimed at particularly identifying the points of reference where a hacker maybe accessing your infrastructure. A penetration test will start to identify with your systems weaknesses and omissions and using this information will penetrate deeper into your network to point the exact issues.

An experienced cyber-hacker can piggy back into your system by hiding behind a simple ” Hi, How are you?” e-Mail. You are giving them ‘open door’ access to all your personal data files and company data files. As you’re busy working you may not notice that your web-cam light has come on, and you will be being watched and listened too.

An awful lot of people don’t actually acknowledge or truly understand how easy is it is to capture data online (that isn’t encrypted) e.g. e-mail. A tip is to never write anything in an e mail you wouldn’t write on a post card. As this is how easy it can be for others to read it.

Do you think because you are logged into Gmail/Hotmail using https that you’re secure? Sadly the majority of e-mail infrastructures are Zero encryption. This means all your messages are aimlessly floating around in plain text!

On the on line BBC News technology section there is an alarming video that gives you a clear demonstration of how easy this is.

Many users of the internet think that by not replying to ‘phishing scams’ – false invitations encouraging you to hand over personal information – they are safe online.

But hackers use increasingly sophisticated techniques to trick more savvy web users and gain control of their computers.

The BBC’s LJ Rich visited the Swedish security firm Sentor in Stockholm, who carry out professional ‘penetration tests’ for companies to see how strong their cyber defences are.

Analyst, Bjorn Johansson, demonstrated to her how internet users can give hackers control of their computer, including the web-cam, just by visiting a vulnerable web page with an internet browser.”

Penetration testing is a valuable service that should be budgeted into your business plan and maintenance, as long term this will be a cost effective exercise.

No need to go to Stockholm… we can provide you with the answers.

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