Barracuda Application Deliver Controller security and storage solutions for “Big Data”

Big Data Explosion!

content>In today’s digital world, business enterprises need cost effective ways to guarantee security of the exploding volume of data that is being filtered through the internal network systems. “Big data” is no longer just confined to the realm of technology, today it is a business priority, and “Big data” has the ability to affect commerce in the global economy. Protecting this data with Barracuda application deliver controller, ADC can ensure it isn’t exploited and disseminated into the hands of the wrong people.

During the last couple of years, attacks against the Web application layer have required much greater attention from security professionals. This is because no matter how strong your firewall rule sets are or how assiduous your patching mechanism may be, if your Web application developers haven’t followed secure coding practices, attackers will walk right into your systems.

Designed specifically for today’s high-traffic data centres, Barracuda offers a high performance application delivery controller platform that combines application acceleration, availability, and advanced security capabilities on top of a robust server load-balancing feature set. Installed by thousands of organizations worldwide, the Barracuda Load Balancer ADC is a robust, proven solution that manages and secures billions of application transactions daily.


As stated in the barracuda network release:-

According to the 4Q12 Data Centre Appliance Report, published Feb. 2013 by Dell’Oro Group, “data centre build outs, consolidation, the continued preference of users bringing their own devices, as well as increased applications on each device, will drive robust growth in the ADC market in 2013.” Barracuda’s new ADC combines the advanced capabilities of the company’s purpose-built appliances for application security and load balancing, which have an installed base of more than 17,000 data centre customers throughout the world.

“Until now, customers wishing to both secure their applications and optimize performance have faced very high costs and unnecessary complexity,” said Steve Pao, GM Security Business at Barracuda Networks. “The new Barracuda application delivery controller platform integrates advanced load balancing and application security in a single, affordable, high-performance solution to help customers efficiently and securely deliver highly available applications.”

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