Check Point security operating system: customisable security solutions for dynamic business needs

Most businesses are naturally concerned about online security these days. That’s hardly surprising given the escalating number of malicious and targeted cyber threats that the commercial world is increasingly subjected to. Barely a week passes without the report of another cyber-attack on one or more of our critical institutions. Most businesses understand that they need to manage risk and find a solution to the problem of hacking, yet they quickly discover that finding the right product to meet their specific security needs is not as easy it sounds. What businesses want are simple and easily-manageable security solutions that will prevent their networks being compromised by unauthorised access and will keep their critical data encrypted and safe. It may not sound like much to ask, but finding the right affordable and effective security solution has proved to be beyond many businesses. Yet that needn’t be the case.

That’s why Krypsys recommends Check Point’s new single unified security operating system.  Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is a leader in securing the Internet. Check Point offers total security solutions featuring Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Network Firewall and VPN Products, Security Gateway Software Blades, Security Management, Security Policy Management, Unified Threat Management, unified gateway, single endpoint agent and single management architecture, all customisable to fit customers’ dynamic business needs.

The advantages of Check Point’s unified security operating system

Network Security Solutions

Check Point network security products prevent your network and data being compromised by unauthorised access, keeping your business critical data safe and your company in line with compliance regulations:

  • Network Firewall and VPN Products
  • Unified Threat Management
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention
  • IP Appliances (formerly Nokia IP Appliances)
  • Check Point GAiA

Data Security/Endpoint Security Solutions

Check Point Data security provides the peace of mind of knowing that your data is encrypted, while Endpoint security ensures all your remote and mobile workers are securely connected to your network with no possibility of malicious access:

  • Check Point GO
  • Check Point Full Disk Encryption
  • Check Point Media Encryption
  • Pointsec Mobile
  • Check Point Endpoint Security

Security Management Solutions

Check Point’s unified security architecture centralises policy configuration, monitoring, logging, analysis and reporting within a single control centre – helping businesses minimise total cost of ownership:

  • Security Policy Management
  • Eventia Suite

Software Blades:

Check Point’s Software Blade architecture enables organisations to efficiently tailor targeted/ managed solutions to meet their security needs. All solutions are centrally-managed through a single console, reducing complexity and operational overheads:

  • Check Point Software Blade Architecture
  • Mobile Access Software Blade
  • Check Point Anti-Bot Software Blade
  • Check Point DLP Software Blade

Security Management Software Blades

Check Point’s Security Management Software Blades allow configuration of bespoke security solutions to be deployed across a network, and manage them all from an integrated console:

  • Network Policy Management
  • Endpoint Policy Management
  • Logging & Status Software Blade
  • Monitoring Software Blade
  • Management Portal Software Blade
  • User Directory Software Blade
  • IPS Event Analysis
  • Provisioning Software Blade
  • Reporting Software Blade
  • Event Correlation Software Blade
  • Compliance Software Blade
  • Threat Emulation Software Blade

Security Gateway Software Blades:

A software blade is a logical security building block that is independent, modular and centrally managed. They can be quickly enabled and configured into a solution based on specific business needs, with additional blades quickly activated as needs evolve:

  • Firewall Software Blade
  • IPSEC VPN Software Blade
  • IPS Software Blade
  • Web Security Software Blade
  • URL Filtering Software Blade
  • Antivirus & Anti-Malware Software Blade
  • Anti-Spam & Email Security Software Blade
  • Advanced Networking Software Blade
  • Acceleration and Clustering Software Blade
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) Software Blade

For more information on Check Point’s unified security operating system or for help with penetration testing, security reviews, security compliance issues or web security solutions, call 01273 044072 or [email protected].