Firewall Health Check

Firewall Health Check

Firewalls like any other component of the IT infrastructure need to be regularly maintained to ensure they are working correctly and efficiently.

You can often find your network firewalls and web application firewalls operating below their expected performance levels and this can lead to lengthy investigations into throughput bottlenecks.

In order to optimise your firewalls and ensure they are running at peak efficiency we can validate your current rule-sets. This ensures the rule-base is clean and efficient, and involves removal of duplicate or extraneous rules, consolidation of rules into a more efficient and optimised order and removal of redundant, conflicting and insecure ’emergency’ additions. As time goes on and an organisations operational requirements change a firewalls rule-base can become very complex. Often times additional ‘temporary’ rules are added and never removed, and it can be hard to determine whether specific rules relate to a required business connectivity need.

Major benefits are:

– De-duplication of rules
– Removal of redundant rules
– Improve efficiency through rule ordering optimisation
– Applies to Network and Web Application Firewalls
– Reduction of maintenance and costs
– Offset of costly hardware upgrades
– Risk assessment of existing rules
– Removal of unused UTM features to free resources
– Application of latest vendor security and optimisation patches

Krypsys can help re-build your rule-base and ensure that your firewalls rules have been configured to ensure greater efficiencies, improved operational performance and security.

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