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Web Application Firewalls

A web application firewall is designed to sit directly in front of your company website and protect you from specific layer 7 application attacks.

With over 75% of all attacks faced by your company focused at your website this is one of the most cost-effective ways of protecting your company from on-line criminals, hackers and malicious individuals. Network firewalls and IPS devices are unable to protect you from all Layer 7 attacks as they are unable to analyse and decipher the interactions with your application. If you are using SSL as well then this leaves these devices blind to the traffic they are meant to be protecting you from.

Layer 7 attacks can be devastating as your website can be compromised to be the launching pad for further and deeper penetration into your network. It can also facilitate large scale data loss and financial fines as well as tarnishing your companies reputation.

Important considerations:

Do you need to be PCI DSS Compliant
Ability to terminate and normalize SSL traffic
Does your website store valuable customer and employee data
Have you performed any penetration testing of your websites
Do you conduct business via your website
Do you need an available, secure and resilient website
Independent Lab certification from a trusted 3rd party (ICSA or NSS)

We provide a range of web application firewalls to protect your company and its reputation from the most destructive attacks your company faces.

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