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Vulnerability Assessment Platforms

CORE Insightâ„¢ Enterprise is the first security intelligence solution that enables you to continuously predict IT security threats and preempt business risk. By combining advanced threat simulation with real-world threat replication, Insight allows you to:

  • Improve security, optimize budgets and increase efficiency
  • Predict threats without disrupting operations
  • Reveal the business implications of security exposures
  • Eliminate data overload and gain actionable information
  • Connect real risks to specific operational and business goals
  • Make the right decisions to ensure business continuity

Where it fits: Add unmatched intelligence to your IT security ecosystem

A real-time intelligence platform, Insight provides unified threat validation and prioritization while feeding key analytics to your security ecosystem.

  • Vulnerability Management: Pinpoint the most critical exposures amidst scan data
  • GRC: Verify compliance and reveal the risks of non-compliance
  • End-User / Endpoint Controls: Evaluate awareness and defenses
  • Security Controls: Ensure the efficacy of firewalls and other defenses
  • Detective / Forensic Controls: Trace paths from initial breach points; find subsequent business risks
  • SIEM: Understand alert severity in the context of your business.

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