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Intrusion Prevention Appliances

Intrusion Prevention Systems have evolved since the first generation of purely Intrusion Detection systems and software.
Today they can identify complex network threats and help to control, block and identify them. As threats become more evasive and cloaking of attacks and intentions becomes more pervasive it is important that this technology is not overlooked and that a solid IPS system is integrated into the overall IT security strategy.

Important considerations:

Independent Lab certification from a trusted 3rd party (ICSA or NSS)
Do you need to be PCI DSS Compliant
Has it been tested for Advanced Evasion Techniques (AETs)
Can it be easily managed and maintained without an extra burden on IT staff
Has it been tested to work within your infrastructure and 3rd party reporting tools
Can it terminate and block malicious traffic rather than just notify and alert

We provide independent advice and recommendations on the right Intrusion Prevention Appliance for your organisation based on your budget, requirements and our knowledge of the Intrusion Prevention market.

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