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Anti-Malware Appliances

Most organisations already have Anti-Virus for servers, desktops and e-mail systems and yet are still being infected by malware.

here are a variety of reasons for this and it is mainly based on their approach to identifying new and existing malware and viruses. Most AV technology relies on signature analysis and heuristic definitions to identify and classify malware and has done since its inception. However on-line criminals have moved on from their traditional approach and now write and test their new malware against traditional AV measures to avoid detection. Once they know it wont trigger an alert they happily release it to perform its intended purpose.

Important considerations:

Do you use one signature-based engine for all Malware detection
What is your AVs detection rate in lab tests against other vendors
How do you identify custom malware
Have you got an information security awareness programme in place

We provide a range of solutions to combat and eradicate advanced malware from your organisation and security awareness programmes to educate your staff about its implications on system integrity.

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