Alien Vault

AlienVault4AlienVault’s mission is to create an open and collaborative security paradigm, a total shift from today’s closed, proprietary and expensive systems.

The heart of this is our Unified Security Management (USM) platform, which provides unprecedented security visibility and reliable defense by bringing together best-of-breed open source tools and the power of shared intelligence. Behind that collaborative effort is OSSIM, the de facto standard open source SIEM solution in use by tens of thousands of practitioners from over 140 countries.

AlienVault starts from a simple reality: In today’s threat environment, there’s no magic bullet. IT infrastructures are vulnerable because they are complex and multi-layered — almost as complex, in fact, as the threats and attacks that compromise them every day.

So what you need is a collection of brilliant bullets that come from multiple creators, who have expertise in all security disciplines. These best-in-breed tools then need to be seamlessly woven together to protect every aspect of your IT environment. That’s just what Unified Security Management platform does. Through a single console, we provide the visibility across all of our built-in security tools, so you can see and respond to threats faster and more efficiently than ever before.

In addition Alien Vault Open Threat Exchange means that security practitioners from around the world can share information in order to combat the threats that are continuously growing in complexity. It’s not about one company having the best of everything. It’s about one company bringing you the best of everything. A radically simple way to deal with the most complex threats ever faced.

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